THE CHURCH ST. SPASS (17th century) is a small single nave and single apse building, 11,70 m long and 5,70 m wide. In the past there was a long, narrow narthex in the north side and with it, the width of the church was 9,80 m. The wooden roof with eaves is without edging. Eastern facade was half dug in the ground.

The church was built in 1609 with the funds of rich citizen from Nessebar, during the time of the bishop Kiprian. We can understand that from the commemorative inscription, above the southern entrance.

The church is wallpainted from a anonimous painter in the beginning of 17th century. Wall paintings represent scenes from the life of Christ and Holly Virgin. The Virgin Platytera is painted in the apse.

The tombstone of a Byzantine princess Mataissa Cantacuzina was saved in the church a long time. Now the gravestone is in the Archaeologicl museum.

The church is a museum.

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